The JAI Talon Roller Blind System offers blind manufacturers a choice of two chain mechanisms to pair with a comprehensive system of brackets and adapters to suit almost any application. The clever features and benefits of this system provide an improved experience for end users plus a number of efficiencies and savings for manufacturers.

The New JAI Geared Chain Mechanism

The JAI Geared Chain Mechanism system is the most elegant lift assistance solution for roller blinds. A planetary gearing system within the mechanism reduces the pull force required to lift the blind.

Flyer – New JAI Geared Chain Mechanism

  • Delivers comfortable pull force for end users – recommended for blinds up to 5m x 2.4m drop.
  • Fits straight into JAI 38mm tube or pair with tube adapters for other tube sizes up to 55mm.
  • Innovative fast chain loading system – simply loop the chain over and press the cover closed.
  • Identical direct drive mechanism also available for jobs with a mix of large and small blinds for uniform visual appearance.
  • New bracket cover design hides bracket screw holes from view and is shaped to blend with the streamlined contours of the new mechanism.
  • Ball stoppers may still be used to protect the blind by following our loop size guide.
  • Extension brackets available for blinds with long drops.
  • Linking brackets with their own unique covers available.

Direct Drive Mechanism

The Direct Drive Mechanism is JAI’s latest design for use with standard sized blinds. It shares the ability to use adapters for different tube sizes, fast chain loading, improved aesthetics and updated bracket designs.

System Colours

White, Black, Grey, Ivory, Beige

Bracket Options 

  • Single Blind
  • Single Blind Extension
  • Double Blind – Slim Type (New)
  • Double Blind – P Type (white only)
  • Linked Blind – J (two blinds linked by a central bracket and controlled with one chain)
  • Linked Blind – M (two blinds linked by a central bracket and individually controlled)
  • Linked Blind – J Extension
  • Linked Blind – M Extension
  • Linked Double Blind – J
  • Linked Double Blind – M