A simple and elegant system perfect for wide openings and doorways.

JAI Panel Glide System

The JAI Panel Glide System provides a simple and effective solution for wider openings such as sliding or folding doorways. Features Up to 5.5m track width 3, 4 or 5 Channels Left Stack, Right Stack or Centre Opening Up to 9 panels (with Centre Opening) Flick Stick (wand) operation Available Colours Clear Anodised (Grey), White, […]

Bottom Rails

Curved JAI Curved bottom rail provides a modern yet elegant finished look for roller blinds. The spacious interior design of the profile allows for a degree of expansion and contraction with temperature changes, which may help to reduce puckering. Colours: Clear Anodised, White, Satin Black, White Birch, Shoji White, River Gum, Storm, Charcoal, Luxe Bronze […]

Tear Drop Fabric Wrap Bottom Rail

The Tear Drop Fabric Wrap bottom rail is a very popular profile offering a premium finish for various types of blinds such as roller blinds, Roman shades and panel glide panels. The unique design enables the blind fabric to be wrapped around the base rail so that only a small section of the bottom rail […]

Components and Consumables

In addition to our core systems, we also provide a range of associated components and consumables. Chain We supply plastic, nickel and stainless steel chain. All our nickel and stainless steel chain is made in Korea to a very high production standard and we conduct quality control check testing on every shipment. As a result, […]

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