In addition to our core systems, we also provide a range of associated components and consumables.


We supply plastic, nickel and stainless steel chain. All our nickel and stainless steel chain is made in Korea to a very high production standard and we conduct quality control check testing on every shipment. As a result, we have extremely low breakage rates.

  • Rolls of 150m
  • Or pre-looped in 50cm, 75cm, 100cm, 120cm, 150cm, 180cm, 200cm, 250cm drop lengths
  • 6mm ball spacing, 4.5mm diameter
  • Plastic chain colours: White, Black, Grey, Ivory, Driftwood
  • Ball stoppers, joiners and chain splicing tool also available


7mm, 10mm, 13mm and 15mm taped spline with a high-grade 3M adhesive
13mm & 15mm untaped spline
T-spline and round spline

Child Safety

Chain tensioners
Warning tags and labels


Double Sided Tape
Plastic tubular wrap for finished blinds

Plus many more items specific to each product category. See the relevant sections of our catalogue for more details.