The JAI Vertical System utilises a low profile track and unobtrusive bracketry.

Low Profile Track & Bracketry

The Low Profile Track helps to reduce the visual obtrusiveness of the system compared to other squarer designs. The track provides the flexibility to present either a fabric insert or a sleek curved face towards the room.

A clip-on bracket system makes installation simple. It also helps minimise the overall height of the track by mounting as flush as possible to the reveal. The system can also be mounted face-fit.

Complete Range of Components:

We stock all the components you need for the system. Many components are also compatible with other systems.

  • Track colours: Grey, White, Satin Black, White Birch
  • Carriers available both individually and in pre-linked rows
  • Stainless steel spacer links
  • Plastic and metal bottom weights
  • Slat hangers
  • Stop rings, distance tube, shaft support, chain, cord, etc