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Screeny Storm –

Zip Profile

Meet Screeny Storm – where smart design meets durability. Our innovative approach locks the front bar into the guide, securing the edges against strong winds and impacts.

The fabric slides horizontally, guided internally by a heat-resistant mechanism with sturdy stainless steel springs. Telescopic end caps, not fixed to the profile, reduce stress on fabric corners. Plus, adjustable spacers make installation a breeze.

System Features

110mm cassette screen available in Square and Round versions

Equipped with ZIP guide system for enhanced functionality

Suitable for both niche and wall installation

Fast and easy to install and inspect

The guide comprises two profiles: support and cover

Front bar is securely locked into the guide, ensuring stability in high winds and resistance to impact

Developed for both manual and motorised systems

Front bar is connected to the guide rail
Compensation springs
Adjustable spacers