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This Radian Roller Blind system is our insert mechanism option. It has all of the inner workings of our long-standing and trusted talon system, but has the cosmetics that manufacturers and installers love about an insert system.

The unique cog style idler is wider in diameter and has blunt edges meaning it is easily accessible with less risk to damaging the fabric when installing and adjusting.

 This system has narrow brackets allowing it to be fitted to smaller reveals without compromising the surface and eliminating the need to pack out areas for support.

3 Internal Springs

Providing maximum holding strength, while allowing the smoothest operation.


Fast Chain Application

No more unscrewing or disassembling the chain mechanism to apply the chain.

Complete Bracketing System

There is a solution for every application. From single joining brackets, all the way to universal slim double brackets with joining capabilities.

Multiple Tube Sizes

38mm, 45mm, 45mm Thick, 55mm Tubes. Span up to 3.6m with a single blind. Adaptors to suit up to 55mm tube.

Direct Drive & Geared

Small or large, control your blinds without the need for a spring assist.

Cassette with Side Channel

Offering a complete block out solution that is easy to assemble and install.

System Colours





System Standout

Mechanism first installation

Easy access and also limits fraying the fabric

Symmetrical light gap

26mm light gap