The JAI Cassette with Side Channels encloses the blind within an elegant headbox and neat side profiles. Combined with a blackout-type fabric, the system minimises the light that can enter the room from the window. This is a great solution for media rooms, home cinemas, boardrooms and of course bedrooms.

System Features

The system has been designed around JAI 38mm chain mechanisms and may also be fitted for motorisation.

  • Colours: White, Black, Clear Anodised Grey & Mill Finish (for powder coating).
  • Face Fit or Reveal Fit.
  • Cassette may be used with or without the side channels.
  • Operation: JAI Chain Mechanism or Motorised.
  • Rubberised chain guide minimises noise from chain operation.
  • Recommended for blinds up to 3m wide by 3m drop.
  • Use with tube sizes up to JAI 45mm heavy duty.
  • Designed to be fitted with a brush strip on the side channels and base bar which we have available.

Let Us Take Care Of It

We are also offering a Made To Measure service for this system whereby we will cut and assemble the components (excluding the fabric) according to your supplied dimensions.* This can be a great option for smaller jobs or if production & storage space are tight.

Our order form may be found here: JAI-Made-To-Measure-Web

*Please note that JAI is a wholesale supplier to the window furnishings industry and we do not trade with the general public. We are happy to assist with locating your local window furnishing retail manufacturer.

Will this system stop all light from entering through the window?

Not necessarily. For instance, many window frames are not perfectly square or straight. In reveal fit installations this can create a very small gap between the frame and profile which may allow some light to pass around the system, although it is often possible to seal such gaps if needed. Fabric choice also plays a big part with block out types being the most suitable.